How to Increase Revenue for Media Companies!

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Businesses are increasingly turning to digital marketing, with an online advertising market revenue of almost 8 billion dollars in 2017. According to Nielson, more than 20 million Australians are actively surfing the web every month, with most of their time spent on Facebook (15 hours) and Google (10 hours). You can access this market by complementing your business with scalable digital marketing products for your clients.

If you are a media or technology company, you might consider partnering with a digital marketing agency to leverage their solutions with your own and increase revenue. At ReachLocal, we’ve been working with hundreds of agencies that offer our services to their clients.

Get Access to Award-Winning Digital Marketing Solutions

Partnering with ReachLocal gives you access to a range of industry-leading digital marketing solutions which you can offer in combination with your services. This allows you to complement your offering with search marketing, social media advertising, SEO, display advertising, YouTube and more, to develop a more extensive suite of products.

Grow Your Revenue and Profit Streams

The key benefits of partnering with ReachLocal are that you don’t have to hire more staff or spend unnecessarily on product development. Plus, you can implement an award-winning digital marketing offering within a matter of days while being compensated through a tiered commission structure. This means more money for your business and stickier clients.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

ReachLocal’s Total Digital Marketing System allows our partners to act as a one-stop-shop for their clients. Your clients’ marketing performance will be backed by reporting and data, which instils confidence that you will fulfil their business goals. This will help you grow your clients’ businesses and become a trusted advisor.

One of our business partners, Paykel, a full-service media agency in Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns are great at traditional digital display but didn’t have a proper search or social media offering. We were able to fill this gap and help the team at Paykel put together the right strategies for their clients. This included creating and recommending the right budget breakdowns and working on campaign performance and optimisation. Offering ReachLocal’s solutions to Paykel’s clients proved to be the right strategy, as it generated sales leads in excess of their targets.

Watch for yourself what Paykel has to say about the partnership with ReachLocal.

Learn more today!

ReachLocal’s unique Partner Program gives you the ability to provide fact-based data and recommendations to your clients. When you add our program to your portfolio of services, you will help your clients map out a successful marketing strategy. Take the next step and get in touch with us today.

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