The LocaliQ blog is written by a team of online marketing experts, including voices from the LocaliQ team as well as other industry experts.

Carla Devot-Manoukian

Carla is the Marketing & Communications Specialist at LocaliQ ANZ, working on B2B initiatives with a focus on strategic messaging. Her expertise spans digital marketing, content creation, and campaign management, driving tangible results through a blend of creativity and data-driven insights. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, baking, and building with Legos. With a dedication to details and a genuine passion for local marketing, Carla continuously seeks growth opportunities to further enhance her skills and impact in the marketing field.

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Bobby Rawat

Meet Bobby, a SEO expert with over four years of industry experience. Since 2019, he has dedicated his skills and knowledge to enhancing website rankings across diverse sectors, enabling businesses to reach their online objectives. His expertise in the field of SEO has empowered him to craft powerful strategies that yield tangible outcomes for his clients. Currently, he serves as an SEO Analyst at LocaliQ Australia and New Zealand, where he continues to make a significant impact in the digital landscape.

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Jayde Nguyen

Jayde is a passionate Graphic Designer who designs all internal and external communications for LocaliQ Australia and New Zealand. She also updates and manages our websites, in addition to assisting with other marketing activities. When she's not working, you can find her watching comedy, going out for jogs, training Brazilian Ji-Jitsu and exploring new spots to eat.

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Rooman Osmany

Rooman is passionate about Digital Marketing and has been working in the industry for over 15 years. He is currently the Head of Product and Marketing at LocaliQ Australia and New Zealand. Rooman plays Basketball, loves Biryani, and never says no to a game of Magic: The Gathering!

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Emma Kendrick

Emma Kendrick is Partner Development Manager at LocaliQ Australia and New Zealand and has worked in marketing for the last 14 years with a focus on digital media. She has worked with leading global brands through to micro-SME's and everything in-between. Emma is an expert at digital marketing strategy, execution, analytics and works with business owners daily to deliver results that make an impact on their business.

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Abhijeet Tayade

Abhi is a Digital Marketing Specialist with more than 10 years experience. He currently works as a Digital Presence Manager for LocaliQ Australia and New Zealand. With a technical background, he likes to develop optimisation strategies that increase website search engine results rankings. Abhi loves learning new things to improve himself and tune into a dynamically changing world and trends, he thinks curiosity is the key skill in digital talent. In his spare time, Abhi is a true sneakerhead, podcast and movies lover.

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