Unique Ways to Use Carousel Ads on Facebook

Out of all the available ad formats on Facebook, Carousel Ads are the most interactive and visually appealing. Saying that, many advertisers struggle to leverage Carousel Ads for their business.  


Carousel Ads let you combine 2-10 images or videos within a single ad, each with its own external link. To see the best results, it is better to limit the visual slides to maximum 5-6 per ad. Facebook confirms that advertisers have seen Carousel Ads drive 30-50% lower cost-per-conversions and 20-30% lower cost-per-clicks than a single-image link ad.  

Whether you are in finance, real estate, auto or travel industries, Carousel Ads can be used by any business type and accomplish a variety of goals. Let’s explore a few unique ways you can use them to get results. 

Build a Story 

Storytelling makes up a vital component of advertising, helping you connect with your audience. On Facebook, where organic and engaging content gets favoured in the newsfeed, a well-crafted story will make your brand more personal.  

Similar to the example below, you can take your user through a journey with strong visuals on each slide, revealing something new as the journey progresses. It’s a great way to compel a user to scroll through the Carousel Ad.  

Another great way to take your customer through a journey is by stirring their curiosity around what’s coming next. Create a series of images that build up suspense, which then lures the user into clicking to ‘learn more’, so they can finish the story on your custom landing page.  

Highlight a Single Feature of Your Service 

Don’t curb your creativity, especially with Carousel Ads. You can create an immersive experience using a panoramic photo in parts. Whether you are highlighting a holiday escape, or showcasing different features of a product, this format will keep your customers interested as they scroll through, looking to find out what’s next. It’s all about presentation and how well you separate the images to make it as engaging as possible. 

The example below has used the out-of-the-box idea in order to encourage more engagement and clicks. Again, it creates curiosity in users to see more and understand what the entire Carousel Ad is about, which again leads to gaining more engagement. 

Explain a Process 

How about using your Carousel Ad to explain the process of getting a new house (similar to the example below)? Or, a step-by-step guide explaining how your product or service works? The process demonstration strategy works not only for product related market, but even for businesses that want to explain a process of their service.  

Catalogue Format 

Facebook originally created Carousel Ads to enable advertisers to display a series of images in a catalogue type of format. With a single ad format, you are limited to only showing one image – therefore, Carousel Ads see better ROI as compared to single ad links. Another benefit is that you can set each slide to a specific URL to take your user to that specific product page. The possibilities are endless! 

Don’t Limit Your Creativity  

With Carousel Ads, you can get as creative as you want and make your advertisements memorable. Let’s look at this example of a woman walking in from frame to frame revealing not only the products but also the context of where and how you can use those products. Yes, to create these videos would require an investment of time and budget, but it works, and it propels users to stop and scroll through the slides to discover what’s coming next. 

Final Word 

When everything is said and done, your Carousel Ad requires two other objectives beside unique aesthetics – a clean and precise copy that speaks your brand’s tone and aligns well with your ad images, and a clear call-to-action to get people to act. Also note, the first image should always be eye-catching to draw the users to start scrolling through the Carousel Ad. 

So, if you are considering Carousel Ads for your business or brand, then we hope this blog has helped you start thinking of ideas outside the box. 

If you would like to learn more about using Carousel Ads, or other Social Media Advertising solutions for your business, call us on 1300 655 312


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