Reinvent Facebook Marketing Strategies During the Pandemic

Changes are inevitable and one thing the digital marketing industry has taught me is to adopt changes fast. Certainly, this year seems to have taught us all to do the same. We won’t go into the details of the pandemic and its impact globally. However, in this article, I want to address the increased use of social media, specifically Facebook, as a result of this outbreak. Whether or not your business has been impacted by COVID-19, Facebook is one platform which every business can include in their marketing efforts.   

Facebook Advertising 

Facebook usage has increased by 37% from the earlier days of the pandemic outbreak since more and more people are spending time online due to social distancing. This has led to a significant hike in impressions on Facebook ads, which means your ads are likely to reach your target audience.  

Running ads on products and services that may be impacted by the outbreak may not see a big push in conversions. However, running ads prompting your brand could help to keep it top of mind. Also, if you are incorporating new business models for your products/services, then ensure your ad copy communicates that to your audience.  

Here’s an example of a local café advertising their takeaway and delivery service by engaging their followers with visuals of their food along with the copy that reflects their new approach to business i.e. ‘pick-up’ and ‘delivery’ options. They are also appealing to their audience to support their local business. Great copy accompanied by strong visuals can help achieve higher reach and engagement on your ads.   

Another example is ASUS computers, directly targeting their products to people who are working from home. What also works is that they haven’t forgotten to add ‘Stay Safe’ and #stayhome in their copy. Not sure about you, but that extra attention to detail always catches my eye.   

Facebook Marketing 

Are your employees working behind the scenes? Maybe they’re making scrubs for health workers or dropping off groceries outside the door of elderly or vulnerable community members? During these uncertain times, many people are left feeling anxious and worried, so why not post moments of kind gestures or positive stories that inject ‘feel-good vibes’. There are infinite ways you can engage with your followers which can take people’s minds off the panic while lifting your brand’s image. Consider starting a conversation on fun meals to cook or share your list of binge-worthy tv series.  

Even if the doors of your business are temporarily closed, keep reminding your followers what makes you an expert at what you do. Highlight specific features or products on your Facebook page, and think of innovative ways to communicate them. After all, the more you share, the more chances for your brand to appear in their news feed.  

One of my favourite local bakeries in New Zealand recently started sharing baking recipes to help keep their brand on top of mind. Isn’t that cool!


Facebook Live 

Facebook reports that live video views have doubled since the beginning of March. Many businesses (especially those who are impacted) are turning more towards Facebook Live as live streaming usage has spiked during the lockdowns. People love the real experience, and live streaming offers exactly that, ‘the real content’.  

If you’ve been making videos for your business, then you might already have sophisticated camera equipment which can enable you to broadcast videos. No camera? No problem! Nowadays smartphone cameras are equally advanced, and will easily do the job. With the demand for live video accelerating, Facebook is gearing up to launch new features, especially for those inspired to host live events. These features are expected to roll out in a couple of weeks.  

It’s a great time to start experimenting with Facebook Live for your business. Get in touch with your team and brainstorm ideas around how you can win your followers’ engagement with live streaming.  

Here are a few of our ideas for a range of businesses: 

  • Host a live event 
  • Q&A sessions in real-time 
  • Online demos of your products  
  • Virtual tours of properties 
  • Online home workouts, Yoga and Pilates class 
  • Live dance sessions – Actually, I recently attended a live bhangra tutorial. A high-intensity Indian folk dance which I wasn’t prepared for! 

Last week Mecca Australia introduced MECCA LIVE – 24/7 beauty broadcasting program with Facebook live sessions for all beauty enthusiasts. Why not!  

In this time of social distancing, you need to reach out to your customers and prospects where they are spending most of their time. You may think people are browsing Facebook for updates from friends and family, but you’d be surprised to see how much engagement you are likely to get on there. 

If you require any assistance with Facebook advertising or any other digital marketing queries, then do get in contact with us. Though working remotely, our team remains as efficient as ever!  


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