Technical Vs Content SEO: Everything You Need to Know 

In today’s digital age, marketing works at the speed of light. To achieve effective results, working smarter is the key to success. Utilising Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a crucial method to boosting your business in the right way.  

Technical SEO and Content SEO are two types of SEO that work wonders to help you optimise your website in the most appropriate and customised way. To generate organic results, you must apply both to your websites and let them do the work to effectively generate business for you.  

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the Optimisation you do while building your website. It works for crawling, indexing, etc. purposes and boosts your website to generate more traffic for effective lead generation. If Technical SEO is done properly for a website, then generating business and gathering traffic out of it is not a big deal.  

ProTip: Technical SEO services are available easily by service providers such as digital marketing agencies.  

Content SEO

Content SEO is the optimisation of your online content. This can be anything from your website content, blogs, call to action page, etc. Keywords help Content SEO to target the right audience, leading to greater traffic and lead generation. There are two types of keywords: long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords. These unique words can be obtained through the research histories on search engines. Key phrases are also used to get more traffic from targeted audiences on your page/ website.  

 Let’s see how Technical SEO is different from Content SEO: 

Back End Vs Front End

Technical SEO deals with the behind-the-scenes website developmental work while Content SEO deals with the actual website display. Technical SEO helps with all the backend work which includes: 

Securing Web Servers

Encryption between website and server separates the HTTP and HTTPS. Employing Technical SEO to ensure your servers are secured will protect your website from online theft.  


Technical SEO helps the search engine to find each page on your website. It is like the map for the website, the technical part makes it effective. 


Search Engine crawls on each page of your website. Technical SEO allows a search engine to crawl your website quickly and smoothly to ensure a positive ranking. 


Technical SEO allows the website to index itself. The strong infrastructure behind the interface helps the website index on Search Engine. 

Audience Targeting

Content SEO brings a huge number of targeted audiences to your website. This traffic helps you in generating business and clicks, and to achieve a high click-through rate (CTR). 

Lead Generation

Content SEO facilitates more traffic to your website through keywords, key phrases, and sitemaps. This traffic is converted to a call to action page on your website, which helps traffic convert to leads or sales.  

Technical SEO assists in lead generation by making your website page easier to find on search engines. 

Boosts Business

Content SEO boosts your business organically. Technical SEO prepares your website to for organic results, making each page easy any search engine to read. This aids in boosting your organic placement on the search engine page, making your website easier to find by prospective leads. 

Page Speed and High Click-Through Rate

Content SEO improves the click-through rate of your website. By creating high quality content that takes advantage of keywords and phrases relevant to your product and services, the number of visitors will increase as your website will rank better on search engines. The more people that visit your website, the more people will click on different links on your website – this process directly improves your SEO rankings.  

Technical SEO improves the speed of your website page. By having a fast loading website with a quick click-through time, you’ll decrease your website’s bounce rate and increase your website traffic which aids to increase your website’s overall Click-Through Rate. 

Indexing and Backlinks

The strong Technical SEO infrastructure available on the back end of websites, allows for a better indexing on a search engine. Backlinks are links on your website that point to another website and are a key Content SEO strategy for indexing on a search engine. By linking higher authority websites in your website content, the higher you will rank on a search engine and the more traffic and clicks you’ll achieve.

While there are major differences between Technical SEO and Content SEO, both strategies work hand in hand to improve your websites search engine ranking and boost your business.  

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Abhijeet Tayade

Abhi is a Digital Marketing Specialist with more than 10 years experience. He currently works as a Digital Presence Manager for LocaliQ Australia and New Zealand. With a technical background, he likes to develop optimisation strategies that increase website search engine results rankings. Abhi loves learning new things to improve himself and tune into a dynamically changing world and trends, he thinks curiosity is the key skill in digital talent. In his spare time, Abhi is a true sneakerhead, podcast and movies lover.

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