Pair Your Online Marketing with Your Offline Advertising for Better Results

It’s no secret that companies are spending more time and effort on digital marketing as more consumers look for them online. If you are looking for ways to integrate and connect your online and offline marketing efforts here are a few ideas to consider:

Television Ads and Billboards

While television advertising was an unrivalled way to reach consumers for decades, the growth of online content requires a change in tactics. To reach today’s audience, you need to integrate and shift video content across your website and social media channels. For many businesses that previously didn’t have the budget for television advertising this now opens a new door to reach potential customers. Did you know YouTube is watched by more people than any network or cable channel? Using banner or video ads on YouTube is an effective way to reach people as you are potentially reaching a much wider audience that just TV watchers.

Similarly, if you’re currently investing in offline billboard advertising, you might consider sharing your website and social channels on your billboard ads or even transitioning some of your budget to targeted online display advertising.

Feedback Cards and Online Reviews

Feedback forms are a great way for your customers to share their experience of your business. Asking satisfied customers to leave reviews about your business can significantly help build a positive sentiment around your business. Ideally, when you consider developing a reputation management strategy combine both offline, handwritten feedback with online business reviews. You can do this by having a form or guest book as well as pamphlets with URL details to your Google My Business page and other review sites.

Pamphlets and Emails

If you currently use traditional forms of mail advertising – such as flyers, print ads and coupons – then you understand the importance of sharing information about your business with your local consumers. For even better marketing results use these methods as a way to entice your audience to engage with your online. Give them an incentive to visit your website with unique online discounts or QR codes that direct them to your website or social media channels. You can utilise what you’re already using in print and implement it to your email marketing. This can help your business track items like click-through rates to evaluate what channels and content perform best.

Social Icons and Website Logos

Find a way to incorporate your business logo and social icons in as much of your business collateral as possible. If you can include them in your business cards, email signatures, product information sheets or any other documents – this is a great way to create brand awareness and provide an extra opportunity for customers and prospects to connect with your business online.

These are all ways to create a more connected online and offline marketing experience. If you would like assistance with your online marketing we have a team of experts who can work with you to determine a solution suited your business.


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