12 Essential Statistics to Consider for Google Business Profile (GBP) in 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, a Google Business Profile (GBP) also known as Google My Business (GMB) has emerged as a critical tool for local businesses striving to enhance their online visibility and connect with potential customers. However, navigating the intricacies of GMB Insights—the metrics and data that illuminate how businesses are discovered and engaged with on Google—can be a challenging endeavour. To help you navigate the world of GMB and make informed decisions, we’ve compiled these essential statistics that you can consider when optimising your Google Business Profile page. These insightful statistics shed light on key aspects of GMB performance and user behaviour, equipping you with the knowledge to boost your online presence and connect with potential customers effectively. 

  1. Search Behaviour: It has been found that there are approximately 1,009 searches per month for a business. Among these searches, 84% are discovery searches (where customers search for a category, product, or service), while 16% are direct searches (where customers search for the business name or address). This indicates that local businesses need to focus on optimising their online presence to attract discovery searches and understand how to get their business on top of Google search. 

A discovery search is when a customer searches for a category, product, or service that a business offers, and their profile appears on search. An example for discovery search is ‘pest control near me’ 

A direct search is when a customer searches for a business name or address.  

  1. Views on Search and Maps: On average, a local business receives 1,260 views per month. A local business receives 75% of GMB listing views on Google Search and 25% views on Google Maps each month. This data underscores the importance of maintaining an active Google My Business listing understanding how to set up Google My Business, as it significantly influences how often potential customers discover a business. 

GMB listing views on Google Search 

GMB listing views on Google Maps 

  1. Conversion Rates: On average, an Australian business receives 67 actions from their Google My Business listing each month, with an average of 36 website clicks and 18 calls per month. This conversion rate emphasises the need for businesses to ensure that their GMB listings are not only discoverable but also engaging and convincing enough to prompt actions from potential customers. 
  1. Consumer Trust in Local Business Websites: Customer trust in local business websites is crucial, with 56% of consumers expecting these websites to have the most accurate contact information, while 32% believe Google My Business (GMB) provides the most accurate details. This trust in local business websites emphasises the significance of maintaining accurate and up-to-date information on these platforms, highlighting the importance of local SEO
  1. GMB as a Contact Information Source: Approximately 64% of consumers have used Google My Business to find contact details for local businesses. Ensuring your GMB listing is complete and accurate is a fundamental step in how to get your business on Google, making it easier for potential customers to discover and connect with your business. 
  1. Industry Differences: Various industries experience different patterns of searches, views, and actions on their GMB listings. For example, car dealerships receive the highest number of calls and website visits, while hotels have the highest views on Search and Maps. Understanding these industry-specific trends can help businesses tailor their GMB strategies accordingly. 
  1. Most Used GMB Features: The GMB features consumers are most likely to use are opening hours, directions, and reading reviews. These features play a crucial role in guiding potential customers and influencing their decisions. 
  1. Website Importance: Despite the prevalence of GMB usage, local business websites remain relevant. A significant portion of consumers still visit websites when deciding which local business to use, with 22% of consumers checking websites every time they are deciding on a local business, and 76% looking at local business websites at least half of the time. This underscores the importance of local SEO for your website to ensure it remains a valuable resource for potential customers. 
  1. Factors Deterring Business Use: Out-of-date contact information on websites is a significant deterrent for consumers, with 50% stating it would discourage them from using a local business. Poorly written content, a lack of pricing information, and difficulty finding the website in search results are other factors that discourage consumers. 
  1. Preferred Contact Method: Most customers, approximately 60%, prefer to contact local businesses via phone calls. This preference has grown over the years, indicating the importance of being readily available to answer calls and provide excellent customer service. 

Source: BrightLocal 

  1. Importance of Images: Businesses having more than 100 images on their GMB listings results in a significant increase in calls, direction requests, and website clicks. Such businesses receive 520% more calls, 2717% more direction requests, and 1,065% more website clicks than the average business. This highlights the importance of regularly updating and curating your photo galleries on Google My Business, which is an essential aspect of how to rank your Google business page effectively and attract more engagement from potential customers. 
  1. Timing Matters: It has been seen that the most common time to receive calls from a GMB listing is between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. on weekdays. However, industries such as restaurants and bars receive a higher proportion of calls on weekends, highlighting the importance of understanding when customers are most likely to engage. 

In summary, these 12 essential statistics provides valuable insights into how businesses are discovered and engaged with on Google. It underscores the importance of maintaining an active and optimised GMB presence to attract potential customers and convert views into actions. Understanding industry-specific trends and the impact of visual content is crucial for local businesses looking to maximise the potential of their GMB listings. 

These key findings emphasise the continued relevance of local business websites and the significance of accurate and up-to-date information on both websites and GMB listings. Businesses need to maintain a strong online presence across these platforms to effectively engage with potential customers and build trust. 

Titus Koshy

Titus is the SEO Team Manager at LocaliQ ANZ. He is an SEO expert with advanced knowledge on the latest trends and practices in the industry.

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