3 Essential Marketing Campaigns for the Holidays

three essential chirstmas marketing campaigns

While the holidays may look a little different this year, it’s still a season of peak demand and a critical time for businesses to connect with customers. It’s not too late to end your year strong, meet your business goals, and carry the holiday spirit and momentum into the new year.  

Here are three holiday marketing campaigns that you can start right now. 

Implement a Search Marketing Campaign 

When you want a way to get in front of holiday shoppers quickly, look no further than search marketing. Whether they’re looking for the perfect present, trying to learn how to make eggnog, or tracking down a holiday pet sitter, we know that consumers are using search engines during the Christmas season more than ever.  

Create tailored search campaigns across Google and Bing to get in front of customers searching for your goods or services. Work with your digital marketing consultant to develop a custom strategy for each platform using the keywords and phrases that resonate most with your business.  

Bonus Tips! 

  1. Make your campaigns ads’ sale-focused by adding in specific language like ‘Free Express Shipping’, ‘Biggest Sales of the Year’ or ‘Black Friday Deal’ 
  2. Incorporate specific holiday search trends, like ‘Best Gifts for Dad’, ‘Last Minute Gift Ideas’ or ‘Gifts Under $50’ 
  3. Use a combination of broad, phrase, and exact match keyword to guarantee you’re reaching a wide audience

Run a Display Campaign 

Getting holiday shoppers to your website is a great start, but sometimes it’s not enough to close a sale. Think of your own browsing behaviour; how long do you stay in the research phase? How many different sites do you visit? The customer journey can be a complex process!  

One of the best ways to convert those website visitors is with a display retargeting campaign that follows consumers as they continue their search, motivating them to return and purchase on your website. 

Bonus Tips!  

Use new In-Market Audiences available across the Google Display Network to specifically target: 

  1. People who will shop during post-Christmas sale events, such as Boxing Day 
  2. People who will shop in-store for holiday season necessities
  3. People who will shop online for holiday gifts

Create a Social Media Awareness Campaign

‘Tis the season… to be social! Some traditional gatherings and festivities may not be applicable in a COVID-19 world, but the holidays are still a time to uplift and inspire. People will be turning to social media, more than ever, to stay connected and share their stories. Make social media a priority for your business with organic posts that encourage engagement and increase awareness for your business and run paid campaigns to drive conversions. Even if your business will be closed for a period over the holidays, maintaining a strong presence on social media can help drive demand for your offering into the new year. 

Grow your audience with a paid social ads campaign that uses high-level messaging to target potential customers and clients. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram will help you stay top of mind with interested consumers during the holiday season. 

Bonus Tips! 

Here are some ideas of content that you can share in your social campaign: 

  1. Create a unique Christmas Gift Guide in a carousel, Instagram Reels or story post format 
  2. Countdown to your biggest sales or deals and, of course, Santa’s arrival 
  3.  ‘Unboxing’ content that allows people to see your products or services up close or in action 

Emma Reid

Emma is a talented Graphic Designer and Marketer who designs all internal and external communications for ReachLocal Australia and New Zealand. She also updates and manages our websites, in addition to assisting with other marketing activities. Emma is a passionate volunteer with Orange Sky Laundry. When she's not pulling her hair out over HTML (just kidding!) she's wearing odd socks, bleeding coffee, playing dodgeball and doodling letters.

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