Are .au Website Domains Worth It? 

Did you know there’s less than a month left for priority .au domain access? Applications close on September 21, 2022. 

If you’ve had a .au domain prior to March 24, 2022 you are more protected by Priority Status, which means it is easier for you to access your .au domain. Currently, if someone buys your .au domain but you own the version, they can be made to hand it over. However, there may be other businesses with different .au versions (,, and there’s only one .au available – so don’t delay! 

 What will happen if I don’t secure my .au domain? 

After the cut off, these domains will be open to everyone so it’s important to secure your digital assets and prevent other businesses from buying them and using them to their advantage.  

Are .au domains beneficial for SEO? 

We don’t know what the future holds (or what the Google algorithm is exactly – even on a good day!), but the .au might be a major factor in local and national SEO in the future, particularly for business’ that trade only in Australia – so don’t take the risk!  

Why is having a .au domain important?  

Ensuring you have full access and ownership of all digital assets is more important than ever! .au domains increase the value of a business as well as a potential future buyer’s interest in a business. Not having these can be a major risk to a buyer or investor, as it can affect the business’ ability to generate leads and revenue if domain access is lost or held to ransom.  

How do I get my .au domain? 

Check the Priority Status Tool to see if your .au is available. If you’re a bit of a tech whiz, you can secure the domain from any domain provider for 1 or more years. Domains can be secured for around $20 a year from domain registrars like Crazy Domains, Go Daddy and Aussie owned Web Central.  

If you’re unsure, contact your web developer as they’ll be able to help you. Best practice is to have the .au version redirected to your current URL – no one likes a domain squatter! 

For more information on the program and the allocation process see the official website auDA – the Australian administrator of .au top level domains. 

Emma Kendrick

Emma Kendrick is Partner Development Manager at LocaliQ Australia and New Zealand and has worked in marketing for the last 14 years with a focus on digital media. She has worked with leading global brands through to micro-SME's and everything in-between. Emma is an expert at digital marketing strategy, execution, analytics and works with business owners daily to deliver results that make an impact on their business.

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