Location Based Mobile Advertising: Use It to Drive Foot Traffic

If I asked you, what’s the one thing you can’t leave your house without – would you say your mobile phone? Most of us are attached to our smartphones all day long and we use these devices for much more than calling or texting. They are now used to access various apps to engage with social media, check the weather, get directions, research our next holiday, transfer funds, play games, book an Uber, shop and much, much more.  

This makes mobile advertising an incredibly powerful tactic that businesses should be considering when it comes to their local marketing plans. That’s why we want to show you a tool that will make sure your business gains attention on mobile devices through one of the most targeted hyperlocal advertising strategies possible.

Say hello to our Display Advertising GeoFence tactic. This is a location-based mobile technology that lets you define a specific, geographic area for displaying your ads on mobile applications. It allows you to target people (via their smartphones) within that defined area.

Why Should You Use GeoFencing?

There are three main ways that this type of location based mobile advertising allows you to target customers close to your business, which can lead to an increase of in-store visitors.

  • Appear in the Right Places at the Right Time
    Did you know that 52% of the time individuals spend on digital media is on mobile apps? This makes it critical for you to get your ad in front of consumers where they are spending the majority of their time on their smartphones.
  • Build Local Brand Awareness
    GeoFencing is great way to let people know you exist. You can grow awareness for your brand by targeting consumers who reside near your business and showing them what you offer. This will result in increased traffic and ultimately drive more walk-in visits and sales. [*Tip – Think about other nearby businesses that may complement yours and target their customers to drive more people to your business.]
  • Gain an Advantage Over Your Competition
    Last but not least – it can give you an edge over your competitors. The super targeting abilities of this technology can let you set up a GeoFence around the location of your competitors. If your potential customers frequently visit a shopping area where your competition is located, you can target them. [*Tip – to really supercharge this, you can show an ad that contains a special offer for first-time visitors to drive them to your location instead].


So how can GeoFencing drive more customers to your business?

One of the primary benefits of marketing to local consumers is driving a visit to your store or premises in person. By using other local businesses to your advantage or including a compelling offer in your display ads with a message about inviting them to your location, you can generate more leads and in-store business.

Mobile advertising is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to reach nearby customers. Get in touch with us to learn more about GeoFencing and how it could help your business.


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