Video Marketing is Growing!

video marketing is growing in 2019

In December 2018, we predicted that video marketing would be the most prominent trend of 2019, and we were right. As of this year, 87% of businesses have used video as a marketing tool. Video today has a significant impact on consumers’ choices and buying decisions, so it’s essential for marketers to understand the most valuable ways to apply it.  

Let’s find out where is video going this year.  

Going Live 

Live videos resonate well with audiences because they provide a ‘real experience’ which helps shape brand image and loyalty. 78% of online audiences are already watching live videos on Facebook, and 82% prefer live video over social posts from a brand.  

Facebook and Instagram live video are useful for: 

  1. Directly engaging with followers or for Q&A sessions
  2. Showcasing company culture
  3. Launching new products
  4. Live streaming events 

Striking Stories 

Short videos in the form of Stories continue to reign, making them a go-to for brand communication. What makes Instagram Stories so enticing are its user-friendly features such as filters, gifs, templates and various other fun things, which allow you to tell your narrative in the most creative form. Currently, 80% of Instagram accounts follow at least one business, and  88% of marketers who use Instagram Stories confirm that they have been successful with driving results through this platform

Advertise Your Story 

Along with creating eye-catching Stories, we highly recommend marketers and brands put aside budget to invest in high-quality Instagram Story Ads. The best way to achieve a successful Story Ad is by having minimal text, attractive visuals (static image or video, depending on your budget) along with super funky music or voice overs that guarantee you’ll capture a viewers’ attention immediately.  

The main objectives are: 

  • Build brand awareness by reaching users who are likely to be interested in your products
  • Get in front of maximum number of users
  • Drive conversions by adding CTA links such as ‘Swipe Up’ that will take users directly to your landing page

Instagram TV (aka IGTV)

Instagram TV launched in June 2018, specifically designed to produce longer videos up to ten-minutes in duration. At present, this trend is not as popular as Live Videos or Stories, but more and more brands are adopting IGTV as a marketing tactic, like us. IGTV helps build a niche audience with exclusive content. For example, you can produce series of videos that speak about your service and products to help you build brand credibility.  




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LinkedIn Video on the Rise 

Since 2018, we have seen a rapid growth in video consumption on LinkedIn, as marketers discover its potential n B2B marketing. LinkedIn presents a great opportunity to promote B2B products or services through video marketing content directly to the businesses you want to interact with. It’s ideally used as ‘how-to’ or product demonstration content, or to answer FAQs or share details of an upcoming product launch. The key for getting the most engagement on LinkedIn is to upload your video directly on the platform. Native videos auto-play in the feed, and are more likely succeed in grabbing an audiences’ attention.    

Video Marketing Post LinkedIn

Videos on Landing Pages 

Videos should be used on landing pages, especially if it speaks about your product or service. Used here, videos not only keep users on your website longer, they also give your SEO a boost, and make it 53% more likely you’ll show up on page one of the search engine results. More and more e-commerce sites have started including product videos, in response to data indicating that 72% of people prefer video over text when learning about a new product or service. 

Video marketing is soaring this year as more and more consumers tune in to watch videos from their favourite brands. With so many emerging video advertising channels, if your business is looking to invest in video marketing, now is the time. ReachLocal offer a range of video marketing solutions to drive leads for your business, including Social Media AdvertisingYouTube Advertising and customised solutions. Get in touch to discuss a solution that is right for your business.


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