Four Ways to Have an Effective Display Advertising Campaign

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There are great benefits available to SMBs in running a display advertising campaign. Not only do display ads attract traffic, but they also turn website visitors into paid customers. How can you achieve this? Effective display advertising consists of a few elements that help an advertising campaign perform better.

An Eye-Catching Landing Page 

A display ad is an invitation for a potential customer to visit your website, which creates the first impression about what you offer as a business. If your landing page doesn’t provide a valuable experience, then the visitor will immediately lose interest. For an optimum experience, your landing page needs to make a strong visual and instant information connection, which will give visitors a reason to stay on the page and learn more. For example, if your ad offers a free guide for “creating the best recipe”, then this information should be easily accessible to instantly retain their interest.  

Target the Right Audience 

With display advertising, our optimisation technology intelligently finds your potential consumers based on their location and online behaviour. The technology will serve your ad to the right audience at the right time. It also lets you target consumers that may not know about your business or offerings, giving an advertiser more flexibility to focus on winning their attention and purchases. 

Find potential customers with targeted display advertising

Stand Out Banner Ads

Visual branding is an area of display advertising that gives businesses a valuable opportunity. The basic elements required are a logo, fonts and colours that represent your business. Your brand image is important as it leaves an impression on your customers, building public recognition of what you offer as a business. The most effective way to create visual branding that will resonate with clients is by using an appealing design with as little text as possible, using attractive images, and keeping it uncluttered. In short, it should catch their attention, prompting them to act.  

An Attention-Grabbing Call to Action (CTA) 

A clear call to action is a must in your ad. Creating an urge for website visitors to take an action is a step toward conversion. Three things to remember when adding CTA to your display advertising:  

  1. Give your audience something to takeaway, for example: “Sign Up for a Free Trial”, “Get your Free eBook Today” or “Book a Free Consultation”.
  2. Use visual cues to point the viewer to the information that will nudge them to act. Through the use of bold fonts, less text and pop colours they are encouraged to act, while ensuring the design aligns visually with your brand.
  3. Provide easy access for viewers to click a button that says, “Yes, I want a Free eBook!” or “Buy Now!” 

Grab your audiences attention with targeted display advertising

If you would like help getting discovered online through display advertising, then get in touch with us today.  



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