Key Reasons to Consider Geofencing for Your Business

Have you considered targeted mobile advertising (geofencing) for your business?

We spend a significant time of our day on smartphones with roughly 30 hours a week spent using our favourite apps. This could be to shop, message or scroll social media platforms. This is when smartphones provide a great opportunity for businesses to market their product and services to consumers around the area of their business. From a marketing perspective, it is one the most effective mobile-focused tactics you can use, and it’s called Geofencing.  

What is Geofencing? 

Mobile phones are like tracking devices, using GPS, Wi-Fi and radio frequency identification to give their location. Geofencing is a location-based mobile service that allows businesses to push notifications to smartphone users within a specified geographical area. It targets consumers in distinct strategic locations and tracks them when they walk into your location.

Track customers when they walk into your store with geofencing

How does Geofencing Work? 

Geographic fencing can be set around the perimeter of your business or can be as broad as a 9km radius. When a consumer with a smartphone enters this virtual fence, the technology will directly engage potential customers in that area with your marketing through message alerts, mobile ads or in mobile apps. 

Why should I use Geofencing? 

Geofencing is helpful for businesses from a wide range of industries for several reasons. It brings in customers by sending ads, sales and promotions straight to smartphone users within the area of your business.  

It’s an effective way to promote your service or products by offering special discounts. For example, if you find your restaurant is slower during weekday lunchtimes, then you can target nearby office workers with special lunch offers. You will only engage the most relevant customers that are likely to take action or redeem a coupon.  

Geofencing allows you to engage only the most relevant customers

Geofence also lets you target areas around nearby restaurants to find new customers, capitalising on their proximity to your location and turning it into leads and in-store visits. 

Geofencing is a step toward fully understanding the value of display advertising for SMBs. It’s a mobile-focused strategy that lets you target consumers at a hyperlocal level, to increase brand awareness. Local businesses are typically less well-known by consumers than big brand names, and this is why Geofencing is particularly useful to help grow your business.  


Get in touch with us to learn more about Display Advertising and Geofence, and how it can benefit your business. 


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