Your Essential Marketing Guide: June 2023 

After giving your social media sites a little love last month, let’s take it a step further! Facebook advertising can help you reach a new audience on both Facebook and Instagram–two places you can’t afford to be missing out on. 

This Month’s Marketing Must: Social Ads 

The average Facebook user clicks on 11 ads per month. 

  • Try running a Facebook ad campaign using lookalike audience targeting, which allows you to target users with traits similar to your existing customers. 
  • A/B test an ad with different ad creative or a varied call-to-action to see what performs best with your audience. 
  • Take your social ads a step further by reaching a new audience with Snapchat advertising.

June Marketing & Promotion Ideas 

  • We’re halfway through the year! Are you on track to hit your business and marketing goals? Review the goals you set and adjust as needed. 
  • Run a winter sale or promotion to get more people to try out your business. 
  • Consider testing out a new marketing strategy in the last half of the year –research some options or talk to your marketing partner for ideas. 
  • If your business falls under the air conditioning and gas industry, this is the time to push a winter sale or promotion to get more people to try out your business. 
  • Businesses are winding up the financial year this month, and we all know EOFY time is SALE TIME! Clear out old stock and drive sales by enticing customers with amazing deals and discounts before June 30. 

Email Subject Line Ideas 

  • Beat The Cold: Our Winter Health Tips 
  • It’s EOFY and We’ve Got Some Deals for You! 
  • Winter Warmer Deals 

Social Calendar Highlights

📅 June 8 – 🌊️ World Oceans Day 

The United Nations’ theme for World Oceans Day 2023 is (FILL IN HERE WHEN ANNOUNCED) 

 #worldoceanday #oceanclimateaction 

📅 June 21 – 😎 National Selfie Day 

This is an easy one: Share your best selfie and ask your employees to share their selfies or even #wefies with their team! #selfieday 

📅 June 30 – 👍 Social Media Day  

In 2010, @mashable launched this day to recognise the significant impact of social media on global communication. Ever since, social media has become a powerful medium in helping us to discover new information, form networks and connections, raise awareness, and grow businesses. #SMDay #SocialMediaDay 

(Download your printable June guide here

Our Digital Marketing Consultants are marketing experts and will work with you to implement campaigns that achieve your specific goals and objectives. Leave your details here, and one of our friendly team will give you a call.   

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