Writing Ad Copy That Converts on Facebook

What makes you click on content online? Is it a catchy headline, a great image or are you a sucker for clever link bait? Facebook users read and click on what interests them and this usually consists of photos from friends, funny videos, amusing statuses, and content related to their hobbies. If you’re a business, this is your main competition when trying to reach potential customers on Facebook through advertising. The trick to getting your ads to stand out is by writing compelling ad copy, so you can attract potential customers and turn them into leads for your business.

Here are four tips to get you started with writing compelling Facebook ad copy that converts.

1. Use Fewer Words But Be Meaningful

Relay your ad’s message in the most succinct way possible. It’s not necessary to elaborate or make your point with long, flowing text. If what you’re trying communicate can be said in five words then don’t use 10 words. As long as it still makes sense, cut it down and stick to the essentials. The idea is to use your copy to direct people from the headline to the call-to-action.


Also, things are always more fun when there’s a little mystery. Avoid using your Facebook ad as the window for telling your brand’s entire story. Your ad’s job is convincing potential customers to take that first step. Have purpose, and make them want to find out more. Then let your landing page do the heavy lifting by going more in-depth. The expressions “less is more” definitely applies when writing Facebook ad copy.

2. Write to Complement (Not Compete) with Your Ad’s Image

It’s a no brainer that Facebook is a largely visual medium. We’re always seeing pictures or videos of our friends that pull us into their stories. Same goes for ads. Images clearly take the lead in grabbing the attention of potential customers, and ad copy follows. Create your ads to attract your audience visually and complete the circle with your copy. If your potential customers like what they see, they’ll read your ad. If what they read entices them, they’re likely to take action.


It’s important not to create a message that conflicts with the image or is likely to confuse potential customers!

3. Match Your Ad Objectives to Your Audience’s Buying Journey

Sharon Rowlands, our CEO, recently said “The way businesses can get the best bang for their buck in the digital space is to provide a great experience across the consumer journey: start with the consumer and go where they are!” This applies not only for Facebook Ads but all digital marketing.

Depending on what objectives you outline for your campaign, you will want to identify where your potential customers are in relation to connecting with your brand. If you’re a new business or launching a new product, you may focus your ad campaign and copy on raising awareness and educating future customers. If you’re already established and looking to drive sales, your copy should be focused on creating a sense of urgency and encouraging users to take action.

Also take into consideration what need your product or service is fulfilling for your potential customers. Are they looking for something that requires research or a quick purchase? Your copy should entice customers to take action for whichever stage they maybe along their buying journey. If you sell pet supplies, think about how animal owners may want to shop quickly and efficiently for their pets. A professional service on the other hand, may require Facebook ad copy that connects on both a practical and emotional level.


4. Trial and Error is a Part of the Process

Facebook is a great medium for testing out different ads. You may have two or more overarching and equally important messages you want test to see which one your customers will connect with. Create separate ads for each one and see how your online audience responds over time. The great thing about Facebook ads is you can do this without busting your wallet, and can adjust your strategy and budget according to your campaign results.  

While there are guidelines and requirements to abide by in order to advertise on Facebook, you want to do more than just be shown. You want your ads to have an impact on your campaign’s goals and result in driving revenue for your business. Keep your Facebook ad copy simple, relevant, and compelling so that you can get the most out of your social media advertising strategy.

If you’d like to stand out from the competition in the Facebook Newsfeed and would like to find out more about Facebook Advertising, we can help. Get in touch with us today!


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    Not been a marketing expert, its very difficult to write an article on Facebook or any other platform that converts.
    Having a guide like the one presented here, gives me a new perspective that I can use for my Facebook account.
    many thanks for the information.

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