How Can Your e-Commerce Business Attract More Customers Online?

business owner implements tactics to attract more customers online

Among other things, 2020 has been a year of digital transformation for businesses. Lockdowns have forced many retail businesses to move online in order to survive. These conditions have seen established e-commerce businesses thrive, with online giant Amazon saying this year’s holiday shopping season has been the biggest in its history.  

The competitiveness of the online marketplace is only getting harder for businesses. Here are four strategies that can help your business sell to more customers online, and even get ahead of your competitors. 

1. A Free Gift with Purchase 

Everyone loves a deal and your customers would be no exception to this rule. Why not offer a freebie – a free gift with purchase? A lot of beauty brands offer free samples to their online shoppers, and this a great way to promote new products in your store. It’s also an effective way to discourage online consumers from abandoning their shopping carts. Small, unexpected gifts can be a cost-effective way to convert customers online and earn their loyalty.

2. Free Delivery with Minimum Spend 

Offering free delivery over a certain limit is a great tactic to drive higher-value sales from customers online. When a customer has already decided to purchase something from you, it’s relatively easy to entice them to buy more to qualify for free delivery. If you decide to use this tactic to attract more customers online and increase your conversion rate, do the sums to be sure you aren’t killing your margin and profit in the process.  

3. New Customer Discounts 

Acquiring new customers online can be difficult and expensive. Visitors are quick to judge your website, and most will leave without making a purchase. One way to entice them to stay is by offering a new customer discount. Depending on your businesses’ products/services and price point, this could be a standard percentage or dollar value, or you could offer tiered discounts based on spending thresholds.  

4. Be Ready to Help 

You might have noticed that online customers are still dropping off after adding items to their cart. This can happen if they get distracted during their buying journey or are put off by a lengthy purchase process. A Live Chat widget can provide the support they need to complete that purchase, or answer other questions they have regarding their order. Adding a chat functionality to your website is a cost-effective way to provide peace-of-mind to customers online, and can operate autonomously on your site, 24/7.

Start Winning More Customers Online 

At LocaliQ, we’re here to help businesses not just survive, but thrive online. Our digital marketing experts can help you build a strong web presence and implement strategies and campaigns to find, attract, and convert more customers online. Reach out today to learn more. 

Sheeba Lamba

Sheeba is a seasoned marketer with over 11 years' experience in all things digital. She currently leads the New Zealand Sales Team at ReachLocal Australia and New Zealand, and is responsible for developing robust and effective marketing strategies for local businesses to impact their overall growth and profitability.

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